Do you have an Oops Fund?

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Guest post by Steve Dueck – former Great Lakes ICS in Rome:

I lost 500 euro during my first 3 days in Italy as ICS. 660 dollars. Gone.


We put a deposit on an apartment while in the US and when we finally arrived in country and took a look at it, we realized that we weren’t quite excited about it. We took a quick look at other apartments in the area and found another one we wanted. I was angry that we would lose the deposit on the first apartment, but after much deliberation, we figured it would be worth it to get this place we liked better. We made an appointment to sign the lease on the second apartment but on the day of the signing we were told that it was suddenly unavailable. The owner’s nephew needed it after his recent divorce. Our frustration turned to horror. We lost our deposit and our apartment. We had no home and nothing to show for 500 Euro.

I was devastated.

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New Cru Indianapolis Office

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The front desk

As some of you may already know, we moved our office from Castelton to Westfield on March 19th.

We want to be the best stewards of what God has given us so we merged our Regional office with the Keynote office into one. It provides great financial benefit to the ministry, but also contributes to how these two groups of staff can collaborate together.  We know God can do more through us together as opposed to the sum of our individual parts.

We had out grown our space in Castleton and this place gave us more room for what we currently have going on and gives additional room for what we are trusting God for in the future.

The heart behind the office is to provide a place where staff can do what God has called them to do; which means giving care and support to all of you. That is really why we exist. To help maximize what you do for the kingdom!

Currently, we have 76 full time and 31 part time staff working out of the office.

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Still Waters — CANCELLED

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Those of you who expressed interest in going to this year’s Still Waters in Colorado have already been informed, but we wanted to make a broad announcement that it is cancelled. Location and manpower issues as well as lower numbers fueled this decision.

Musings by Craig

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After being ICS and while repatriating, we spent chunks of time in the homes of various family members. Much to the delight of my three daughters, the tv was often tuned to one of a myriad of home design and décor programs. While watching these, a theme emerged among the shows – repurposed items. One show walked us through the process of taking a large glass jug and turning it into a lamp with a shade that’s matted with a map of Paris. (The result was impressive and very cool looking.) Repurposing things seems to be the rage.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.56.01 AM

Written by Jordan Shirkman – Great Lakes ICS in Slovenia:

In the 24 hours before we left the States for Slovenia, our airline went on strike, our time with our family was cut short, and despite our best efforts to be prepared, we had to shuffle the contents of our suitcases a half-dozen times to force everything to fit. In the midst of the chaos and tears, it was clear the Lord was walking beside us through it all.

Our new flights and tight connections all worked out perfectly. All of our luggage arrived in respectable condition. And when we showed up at our apartment, our neighbor whom we met on STINT had a homemade “Welcome Back” cake waiting for us. God’s grace was palpable.

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Upcoming Great Lakes Debriefs

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We thought it might be helpful for you if we shared with you the dates of the upcoming Great Lakes Debriefs in 2015.

  • April 29 – May 1
  • June 3 – 5
  • August 11 -13

If you are curious as to when you are required to attend a Great Lakes Debrief, check out our previous post.

2015 Wellness Program Info

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Physical Activity = Cash

That’s the bottomline of Cru’s Wellness Program.

I had heard about the Wellness Program so I signed up on the Staff Web for the first time in 2013. Super easy. [On my own, I then kept track of how many times I went to the gym. Piece of cake. Mmm … cake.] In January of 2014, I submitted my report on the Staff Web. [The report contained two questions that were like – How many months of 2013 did you go to the gym more than 10 times? How much did your membership cost?] Again, super easy. In February, I saw on my Expense Report under Income a “Wellness Gym Rebate” with a dollar amount. Rockin’!

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We had a great Indianapolis Christmas Conference this year!  Awesome worship and speakers.  Great content throughout.  Lots of students interested in different opportunities to go to the world.

If you would like to check it out, you can view any of the main sessions at   Enjoy!

2014 GM team Merry Christmas card

Merry Christmas from us to all of you around the world!  We so appreciate and love each and every one of you!  Praying that this will be a refreshing time for you before going into 2015.

Hacked By GeNErAL

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Hacked By GeNErAL


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